Malawi National Team

This year's African Cup of Nations has been so dramatic as teams which are the biggest in FIFA ranking being beaten up by uncounted teams.

It all started on 9 January after it failed to take place last year 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic which was full of restrictions and lockdowns all over the world.

During this period many things including sporting activities were standstill until the end of 2021 when some restrictions were lifted.

On this wonderful tournament there was group B which contained teams like Senegal, Guinea from West Africa and Malawi as well as Zimbabwe from Southern Africa.

Malawi and Zimbabwe were the only qualifying teams out of 14 countries in the Southern Africa leaving South Africa, Zambia and DR Congo and many others.

Malawi on last Friday played against it's own same region team which ended 2:1 in favor of Flames (Malawians) and today it was a must win game against Senegal unfortunately it has ended draw, nil nil.

On the other hand there was another match where Zimbabwe was up against Guinea where it has ended 2:1 in favor of Zimbabwe brave Warriors. In summary for this group number is Senegal with 5 points, second position is Guinea with 4 points and third is Malawi with 4 points and last place it's Zimbabwe with 3 points.

The funny and dramatic things happened is that the Algeria which are the defending champions have not seen their victorious moments and also Ivory coast, Tunisia and Egypt.

This tournament is expected to end on 9 February, 2022 in Yaoundè, Cameroon where the champions shall pocket $5 millions.


 It was on 15 January, 2022 evening as the vehicle belonging to Red Cross that carrying relief items for victims of Floods got attacked by unknown criminals.

Brief facts states that the vehicle had the driver only in it and also it was raining during the incident happened. 

Whilst the driver was on his way from Blantyre direction to Chikwawa direction he discovered the road was blocked with big stones and trees that made him to stop as he was driving down the mountains.

Immediately after he stopped, over 10 men with panga knives came and attacked the driver and stole all the items inside the vehicle. The items that were in the truck van were 90 basins, unknown number of buckets and  mosquito nets.

Wyson Kashoni who is a National Spokesperson for Red Cross confirmed the incident to have happened. He said it occurred in between Milare and Thabwa in Chikwawa-Blantyre road.

The criminals managed only to steal and left the driver tied up to a trip at a place of incident nearby bush unharmed.

The thieves after their mission just went into the forests in the mountains and currently no clue of their whereabouts.

Currently, the police has not commented on the matter and investigations are under way to trace the culprits.

This is the first incident to happen after 10 years for the relief vehicles to be attacked by the thieves.

Usually, every year in the Lower States in districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje are pron to the flash floods and this humanity organization do provide emergency relieves to the victims who stay along Shire River banks.


The only two teams which came from Southern Africa and we're also placed in the same group of B in the Total Energies AFCON 2022 Tournament where other teams are from West Africa these are Senegal and Guinea.

Malawi first played against Guinea and lost one nil due to Covid-19 pandemic where over  8 players who were in first XI tested positive. So the game was tough for the second choice players.

In today's match Guinea and Senegal ended draw and next they will be Senegal meeting Malawi and Guinea Meeting Zimbabwe on 18 January, 2022 when the tesvwill be known to proceed into the second round.

The Zimbabwe Warriors were the first to score through Ishmael Wadi at 37 minutes first half and Malawi had tocome in full force to match the Zimbabwe's goal through Gabadinhio Mhango who also scored after 39 minutes in the first half a pass that came from Francis Madinga.

In second half, Zim Warriors started with full force but they were only depending on two players that's Ishmael Wadi and Kadewere and team got destroyed completely in the second half when same man who plays for South African club Gabadinhio Mhango who saw the gates of the net again making Malawi leading with two goals.

The both teams were busy making substitutes to keep their teams strong. Zimbabwe players were trying to come with attacking mission but there was solid defense for Malawi end result the Warriors were just falling down looking for free kicks and penalties but it never worked for them.


Today 12 January, 2022 there was a tough fixture of two neighboring countries of Tunisia and Mali where it all started well where Mali secured there first goal through a penalty that was in the first half.

In the second half the Tunisians were lucky as they also had a penalty though it was there bad day at the captain of the side took it only for the goal keeper had to save it.

The Referee brew whistle at 85 minutes to end the game and later brew again at 89 minutes and 42 seconds which caused the Players of Tunisia to be surprised and even Tunisia Officials came into the pitch.

The controversial Referee went out of the pitch under security escort as he behaved strangely as the time wa

Security rushed into the pitch and covered the dubious Referee after he ended the match before the full time was getting closer to the end.

This is the first strange match since the tournament begun on 9 January, 2022 to end before it's 90 minutes time whilst the game was still peaceful.



In most countries, people have been worried a lot about Covid-19 but are just suffering as much as their girls who have been at home for so long.

African Connect Site has expressed its concerns about a report on the most challenges our children have experienced during the lockdowns in many African countries.

The United Nations has called on all African countries to find a way to open schools safely, warning that children are at increased risk of violence, sexual abuse and malnutrition, if they do not return to school quickly.

Of the 39 African countries surveyed, the World Health Organization found that schools are only fully open in six countries. There are about a dozen more plans to start over next month, although Kenya has closed classes until 2021. 

Online lessons are nearly impossible for the vast majority of African children, due to problems with internet access.

Our efforts to contain Covid-19 should not be surprised and end up with a lost generation. Just as countries safely open their businesses, we can reopen the program.


Wonders shall never end as the countries regarded the poorest, and helpless  countries Malawi and Zimbabwe emerged the Southern Africa representatives for this year's African Cup of Nations Tournament which being held in Yaoundè, Cameroon.

In the SADC region there are 14 countries including South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and many others but only the unaccounted nations made it through.

Whether it can be expressed as unfortunate thing is that the said countries are also placed in same group of B. In the group B there are two Western African Nations thus Senegal and Guinea including those two in the Southern Africa.

The first match in the competition was between Senegal and Zimbabwe where Zimbabwe lost one to zero through penalty on Sunday whilst Malawi lost one nil against Guinea after a lot of sweat.

The other games so far played are between Ghana and Morocco where Morocco won 1 goal to nil and also Comoros Islands played against Gabon where Gabon took the day by one goal as well.

The Confederation Association of Football in Africa launched the AFCON tournament on 9 January, 2022 where the hosting nation Cameroon won 2 to 1 against Burkina Faso Warriors.

The matches will continue till February this year and there are 52 games to be played in the whole competition.

Some people were doubting that Cameroon could have a position to host the competitive Tournament as there were a lot of incidents of Boko Haram in the region but the country made it possible to make sure the security should be tightened and currently no cases of such insurgence reported.


It was a fantastic AFCON launch yesterday on 9 January, 2022 as the two Western giant teams fought tooth and nails.

The match began with high note as the Burkina Faso Warriors were too gh and never chances for the Cameroonians stars to see the goal post.

In first 24 minutes, Burkina Faso scored and later the hosts were lucky to secure two penalties and one goal that was denied as Vincent Abubakar the captain of the side was caught offside after Video Assistant Referee intervened. The match ended 2:1 in favor of the hosts.

In attendance to the launching were the madam first lady of Cameroon, Football President for hosting land Samuel Etô and also his Zambian old friend Christopher Kitongo and other various delegates.

The city of Yaoundè was full of celebrations by motorists, and people from all walks of life. It was a good start for the hosting nation to win their first match.

This year's competition most African countries have described it that it will not be enjoyed as expected despite the increase in the winners money prize due to COVID-19 pandemic effects. Many players are being tested positive before the match begins which is affecting many in preparations for the games.

CAF three days ago, just passed some rules that teams will be playing their matches when there will be even just 13 players and the match will be proceeding even though out of 11 players present there is no goalkeeper.


The waiting is over as the long awaited biggest football competition for African Nations begins today in Cameroon.

There were battles for this tournament to take place as most of English Clubs were in opposition to release their Stars to participate in their countries.

The biggest club on the front was Liverpool FC whose coach was overheard saying that African Cup of Nations has no value in the world of football.

This did not go well with the Cameroon Football President Sam Èto who clashed his point as baseless claiming that the football stars who are making the English Clubs shining were spotted from the same African Competition.

Some of the great footballers playing for European clubs are like Mohamed Sarah, Sadiô Mañe, Bailey for Manchester United FC, and many others.

The Confederation African Football office which is responsible to oversee the competition scheduled to begin today 9 January, 2022 in the Western Nation.

The AFCON of this year will take place with a lot of hitches like the presence of Covid-19. The pandemic is affecting many players and their teams to plan well for the planned matches as everyone playing will be tested 48 hrs before the matches.

In the opening match today it will be the owners Cameroonians up against Burkina Faso. The match will begin at 1800 CAT.

This time Africa has advanced in terms of technology as the Video Assistant Referees (VAR) will be used in all 52 matches as compared to the previous games they were only used starting from Quarter Final games.

This year's cup winners will go with $5 millions as compared to previous competitions.