The National on 24 July 2020 afternoon was shocked in Malawi as Former Head of State Mutharika denied that he was not aware of the duty-free clearance of cement after justifying the same through his Former Press Secretary Mgeme Kalirani just few days ago.

Mutharika is alleged to have imported cement 2,500bags on duty free ticket worth MK5 billion (about $8 millions).

Mgeme Kalirani a presidential spokesman had previously justified that the former President was under  constitutional previllage to import the consignment of cement. “The goods were imported under the construction based on  President's Act chapter 2 sub-section 2 part 7 of the schedule. Under this law, the President is entitled to import goods for personal use duty-free.” he said.

In a controversial statement  on 24 July, 2020 afternoon the former president  through his Personal Secretary Linda Salanjira , Mutharika denied any involvement in the cement scam.

 Peter Mutharika has learnt with great concern that the Malawi Tax Collection body authorized the clearance of cement duty- free on his account without his knowledge. The former President has resolved to write to the general public of his status on the alleged duty -free clearance of the cement,”

In the Press Statement released yesterday 24 July 2020 by his Secretary quoted, “The Former President neither bought nor instructed anyone to buy or import the cement in question. Accordingly, the former President did not, as he could not, request the Malawi Revenue Authority to invoke any of his privileges to clear the alleged consignment of cement duty- free,” reads a statement.

Currently the people already arrested on the cement saga are his wife Getrude Mutharika, adopted son Tadikira, Norman Chisale his body guard and one Indian Shafiq Choonora.