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The Zambia Law Development Commission recommended that the Electronic Voting should be passed as a law in order to allow the prisoners to have their right of voting. This was said during a meeting with different stakeholders in Lusaka on 24 July, 2020.

The Commission has also recommended that the Electoral Process Act (E.P.A) should be amended by repealing section nine sub-section one clause “E” and section 47 to establish polling stations in the Prisons.

The Law Commission Chairperson, Roydah Kaoma said that the commission has also recommended that the Prisons Act Chapter 97 of the Laws of Zambia, must be revised to enhance prisoners’ access to information.

One of the  Supreme Court Judges Justice Kaoma commented that  the plan will additionally help the Electoral Commission of Zambia (E.C.Z) to conduct it's normal duties without contradicting with any law.

Currently the Zambian Government has been asked to reduce the number of inmates and it was agreed that it will act on the request.

The first meeting of this kind was held in Lusaka in 2017 and 2020.

This system of allowing Prisoners to vote will be a lesson to other most African countries which are still behind. This also shows that despite the inmates being convicted but also they have their human right to vote for the Leader of their choice.

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