By 19July, 2020 it was confirmed that Police in Zimbabwe had arrested over a  1,000 people  who were either found not wearing protective masks or just roaming on the roads unnecessarily.

 The country  has about 1,500 infections which  have already been confirmed.

The rulling party has been accused for politising Corona Virus as the  measures were targeting mainly the opposition side and arresting Human Rights Activists a thing the government spokesperson denies it.

The People on Opposition side  and various concerned groups are organizing to hold countrywide demonstrations scheduled on 31 July, 2020 and their main agenda being that the  President Emmerson Mnangagwa must step down.

It has been learnt with a great concern that about 276 people had fled from the quarantine centres including some who had already been confirmed positive.

Out of 276 a total of 30 people had been arrested waiting to be taken to court for endangering the public and their famillies who could as well contract the virus through them. Other two men  had infected seven members of their famillies as reported by the state owned television. Police's spokesperson assured the public that they will make all necessary efforts to re-enforce quarantine rules.

We will be arresting everyone of these violators as said by  Paul Nyathi a police's spokesperson on state Tv station.

 The government expects the economy to suffer by about 4.5% this year while annual inflation estimated at  785% in June this year 2020.

If more people indeed participate in the demonstrations many more arrests are expected commented a Human Rights Activist when contacted by the BBC.