Dr Uladi Mussa

As more Democratic Progressive Party Members flock to the MCP a party Member of Tonse Alliance and leading party it was of dramatic nature as some some members willing to join were denied on 27 August, 2020.

From MCP Publicity it was announced that that members of Parliament Honorable Ng'ambi MP for Chitipa and Mr Ramadzan MP from Nsanje District were welcomed into the party.

On another occasion whilst the day was bright light another Hero and old Political figure Dr Uladi Mussa was in contrary denied the right to join the party.

Uladi Mussa is locally populary known as "Change goal" meaning he is too nomadic as he keeps on changing the political parties any time he wishes more especially when his current party has no hopes for future victory in Elections or have been not voted.

His party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lost elections in the Fresh Presidential Elections held on 23 June, 2020 where incumbent President Dr Lazarus M Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party won with 58.57%.

As per his habitual he dreamed of joining the rulling party as he is used to seat in front line politics and not backbencher.

In contrary to his wishes the MCP council rebuffed him to be be welcomed into the party as he holds no good value as many people in Malawi are used to his changing behaviors like a Chameleon.

In Malawi due to the changes that took place when there was re-election for the presidency it is expected to hold next General Elections in 2025 as per law in Malawi's Constitution that the President's term of Office is to be 5Years.

On another view, President Peter Mutharika called for emergency meeting where National Executive Committee members were in attendance.

During their meeting it was transpared that Peter Mutharika personally endorsed Dr George Chopanda to be the next hot seat bearer comes 2025 elections.

This displeased many of it's gurus and they still insist to hold the National Convention the soonest so people will make choice of whom they want democratically.

Dr George Chopanda is currently answering many charges of Maize Gate and Money Laundering. He was found with more than 50Billions Malawians Kwacha and US dollars.