Denis Kalekeni-MCTU secretary General

Government of Malawi through its Tax Collecting Body (MRA) on 20 August, 2020 announced that it will start deducting Value Added Tax on pension money of the Civil Servants retiring.

This did not go well with many organizations including Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) through its Secretary General Mr Denis Kalekeni said that this is putting another responsibility on the Civil Servants who already not supposed to shoulder this burden.

Mr Kalekeni continued saying that it will engage the government to make a way forward so that this issue should be re-addressed so that Malawian Civil Servants should be relieved.

This is in contrary on what was said by the same government during the just ended campaign where it promised that it shall come up with the Pension Laws that will see the Civil Servants enjoying their retirement packages.

At the moment the Government have not yet responded to the statement made by the MCTU.

Civil Servants during demostrations in 2019