Supreme Court Judges-Malawi

The Former President's Body Guard Mr Norman Chisale who is answering many charges in relation to Money Laundering, Fraud, Theft and Murder among others had applied for Court relief him on continuous arrests.

Chisale who was arrested three times within two weeks through his Lawyer Counsel Gondwe had to apply to the High Court to take injunction from further arrests by the Law Enforncers. But the High Court threw away that application.

Later, Chisale's Lawyer appealed to the Supreme Court for intervation.

The Malawi's Superior Court Heard the that application on through Justice Lovemore Chikopa passed his judgement on 21 August, 2020 in the afternoon hours.

Justice Lovemore Chikopa

In his statement Justice Chikopa read that no court in Malawi or beyond can effect such an order so that a person should not be arrested but he advised that Mr Norman Chisale should behave himself lawfully and orderly to avoid arrests.

In conclusion, Justice Chikopa advised the Malawi Police that it should effect arrests only to those people they have full details of crime and evidences to avoid other implications.

Mr Norman Chisale

Chisale is who is still under remind at Malawi's Prison is yet to get another Court Bail in which he is implicated in Murder Case of murdering former Director of Corporate Affairs at Malawi Ant-Corruption Bereau Mr Issah Njauju.


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