On 9 August, 2020 Malawi Government announced new measures concerning preventing Convid-19 pandemic.

This did not go well with many sectors including the Church Organizations and other concerned human rights groups.

Some of the measures stapulated in the gazette were that public gatherings have been treamed to 10 but in case of Funerals number for attendance is put at 50. This meant that the churches, Mosques will have to be found at their churches with only 10 participants.

The Pentecostal Church Association of Malawi wrote to the government in order to have discussion on the right path to follow in regards to the new gazetted measures.

The meeting is supposed to be held in the Capital city Lilongwe on 12 August, 2020.

The meeting shall be attended by the Government representatives including the Health Minister Mrs Khumbize Chiponda. Others will be Church Leaders led by their Chairperson Prophet Mbewe.


Franko said…
Whilst other countries are getting out of it now Malawi trying it mmmmm it's too late let's adopt to it

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