Manic Gannet (Deceased)

On Wednesday 26 August, 2020 sun rose again in Makhuwira Area in Chikwawa district where everyone was in happy moods waiting to receive their compensation money on damages caused by the Thabwa-Fatima Road Project.

As usual the contractor demolished houses and farms for the citizens in the Area.

Came this bright day only to be paid peanuts a thing many people were not pleased with.

Wrangles erupted and there were fracases between the community and the Contractors.

This time people came in to help to contain the situation unfortunately one Police Officer suddenly shot a live bullet and it landed on the chest part of one well-known person in the Area Mr Manic Gannet who was at the time helping to cool his people. 

Manic Gannet is a Democratic Progressive Party Councilor for Chikwawa East Constituency in it's South part.

Immediately the victim was taken to Makhuwira Health Center for treatment.

The victim unfortunately did not make as he has just passed on today 27 August, 2020 around early morning hours.

As we were writing this article the Police had not give their comment in regards to this touching development.

When our Correspondant in Malawi tried to reach DPP representative declined to comment on the matter.

Currently the body is taken to Chikwawa District Hospital to conduct postmortem in order to establish the cause of the death.


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