Mr West Matthewson

It was sunny happy day on 26 August, 2020 when Mr West Matthewson when he went out into his usual place where he enjoys and walk with the Lions he raised.

Mr West of 65years was popularly called as Uncle West.

On this day he was walking along with his two Lions on both of his sides whilst his wife was driving behind him.

"All over sudden and without any sign of warning the Lioness attacked Uncle West and unfortunately the wife tried all she could do to make her husband survive the tragedy but it was not lucky day for him", said the family Attorney Marina Botha. 

The Lioness succeeded and killed the Master.

This incident happened at his Lodge called Lion Top Lodge which is located in Limpopo in South Africa.

The Lions are currently to a temporary destine waiting for decision to be made on the permanent location that will be moved to contied Marina.

Mr West Matthewson and wife Fill survived together with four sons and six grandchildren.

The believed family's spokesman said they have lost the man who had love for them all and passion for the nature.