Sex workers Protesters in Malawi

Today Thursday morning everyone in the city of Lilongwe were shocked seeing women wearing red shirts and blue/black trousers flocking to the main roads.

When our reporter interviewed one of them they identified themselves as the Commercial Sex Workers (Prostitutes).

The one interviewed name (anonymous) said that the government has put in place many restrictions in regards to the fight of Covid-19. Some of the measures are that the Bottle stores and bars to be closed at 8 pm Malawian Local time.

In their grevances continued ramenting that the government did not consider them as their work (practice of selling sex) is suffering. At least the Government should shift the time schedule to 11pm (2300hrs) so that their business can also work.

"We are suffering so much and this is already month-end and where do we get money for our rentals to the Landlords", queried another girl who preferred to be called Mercy.

In their their petition that African Prime News has seen it contains two main issues they need to be considered. One being time schedule to be extended and secondly the Covid-19 funds Should also be distributed to their organization which is called, "Commercial Sex Workers of Malawi" in order to help them to have relieved on the problems that the pandemic has caused.

They matched for a distance of about 11 Kilometers and later presented their petition to the Mayor of Lilongwe City Assembly.

The Government spokesman did not respond to a phone call that our journalist made  so that to hear their side's comment.

Currently the Malawi government has put in place tough measures that will help to reduce the spreading of the plaque. So of other measures are that everyone to wear a mask everywhere, minibuses to carry two passengers per seat and markets to be closed at around 1700hrs and among others. So far the laws have been gazetted and failure to adhere to them fines will follow.

As we were writing this news article Malawi has over 10,000 positive results and about 300 deaths related to Covid-19 pandemic.

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Typed by: James Kagome-Tanzania)