There are many things happening around Uganda after the incumbent President was declared winner of the bloody Elections. The government has put the opposition Leader Mr Robert Kiyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine who came second in the polls.

 The Wine disputed the results and he claimed that it was waist Elections out of all. He promised to challenge the results at the Supreme Court of Uganda. Since the the declaration of results the Police and The Military have sealed the headquarters of the opposition party and also surrounded his house. 

Nobody is allowed in or out and he is denied access to food. Recently, The USA government and Canada have critisized the behaviors expressed by the Ugandan Authorities by putting the opposition Leader under house arrest. 

 The US has since warned that nothing should happen to the Mr Wine or his supporters if happens the unspecified action shall follow. 

 Currently people are denied freedom of assembly and holding peaceful demostrations. "The bad behavior of the rulling Leaders of not allowing to leave the office all the world is becoming worsened everyday", one of Ugandan Freedom Fighters who said his name should not be Published.