As Ugandans continue suffering they still need to cough over 321 Millions Shillings for each member of Parliament to buy his personal vehicle to ease their mobilities.

This was announced by the Minister of Finance Mr Matias Kinja. Kainja in his statement said that the main worry is on the first termer members

The Ugandan government has set aside a budget of about 156 Billions Shillings on vehicles alone.

The item of Cars for new MPs is captured in the Budget Framework Paper for the 2021/2022 financial year as one of the critical but unfunded priorities. The other unfunded priority in the next budget is compensation for cattle in Acholi, Lango and Teso.

The number of Uganda’s MPs will only be confirmed when parliament starts. The president can appoint about ten or even more ex-officio members who despite being fully facilitated as ministers, still enjoy all the emoluments and perks of the elected Members.

The cars item in the budget may however, be seen by State House as going against a warning made by President Yoweri Museveni during his recent speech following his victory in the 2021 presidential and Parliamentary General elections.

President Museveni warned MPs against extravagance and wasteful expenditures and warned them against increasing their allowances and Other previllages.

Many commentators have questioned the government as to why putting such huge budgets whilst people are starving to hunger, there bad roads and the youths are not getting employment opportunities.

So far, the opposition has not commented as they are planning to file a case against the victory of Museveni. 

"There were many problems and including torture and liging the elections hence we want to challenge the results", said Mr Bobi Wine who came second in the just passed Elections.

Situation in Uganda currently has normalized and people are doing their business without fears like before the elections.