In the lower States of Malawi in Nsanje District a Ward Counsellor Mr Peter Mpinda belonging to the former rulling Party of DPP that just lost Elections last year has been arrested after killing his Herd-Boy.

It says the incident occurred in the Northern part of Nsanje District in Sorgen Ward where the Counselor stays.

It was around lunch hour when the politician discovered that  four of his goats were Missing then he started questioning the boy to explain of the whereabouts of the missing animals.

The man was not satisfied with the answers that were given by the boy and later on he decided to tie him up with a rope and connected it to the motorcycle and started pulling him like a trailer.

The Goats Care Taker cried out for help but nobody came to his rescue.

Later, the politician found out that the boy was unconscious he decided to dump him but some people were watching.

The other people carried him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

In the medical report stated that he died due to excessive loss of blood and cuts in the head.

People from the village mobilised themselves and captured the said Counselor and handed him to the police polic he was charged with the case of Murder.

The man has currently been remanded to Nsanje District Prison waiting for the full trial to be held in the days to be announced later.

The Police has since advised people in the area to avoid taking the law in their own hands and when the cases rise it's better to report them to Police.