As we are writing this article now at about 2100hrs people in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi are stoning an Ambulance in Chigwirizano area.

Our Reporter who also stays in the area rushed to the scene of incident.

After his inquiries he found that there was one patient who tested Covid-19 positive some weeks ago.

The news came to the area that the patient had died and as per the measures set by the hospital the dead bodies are only buried by the hospital workers.

This time when the ambulance arrived the people argued that they will only allow to bury the deceased if only confirmed if she was real their person.

The Doctors denied that and later, the people overpowered the medical Officers and break the coffin only to find that there was a little child and not their mother who claimed to be.

So people started breaking and burning the ambulance as they wanted to know where their deceased was.

The police came in time and rescued the ambulance and the people.