Learners from Mponela Area in Dowa District

After a long time learners without learning in Malawi due to Covid-19 pandemic last Friday government announced that Schools will be re-opend on Monday the 22 February, 2021.

This did not go well with teachers all over Malawi and they had to warn the government not to back for working the Government doesn't pay them their Covid-19 allowances.

This was announced by a letter that was signed by the General Secretary of Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) Mr Dennis Kalekeni.

"Almost all the government departments are getting Covid-19 allowances regardless of their departments", said TUM General Secretary Kalekeni.

Came this morning most students got ready in early hours after missing school for longer time.

Learners were in puzzle to find their is no teacher to welcome them and they decided to hold protests along the main raids of Malawi and until now Police is struggling to handle the situation as there are many schools than the police itself.

In the district of Dowa which is located in the Central Region of Malawi neighboring Lilongwe Capital city of Malawi learners from four schools gothered at one place to exercise their right to Education.

Currently the the Government has called the TUM  Executive Members for discussions to find a way on how to end the mis-understandings.

Some quotas, have complained that the teachers did their actions in hurry as he claimed the the teachers are demanding for allowances before working which is not a right thing.

"In my case and my experience I believe people who demand for payments are those who have executed their duties not how the  teachers have conducted themselves", Said one Concerned parent Mr John Chimuone of Dowa District.

At the moment there no reports of Arrested people or that anyone has been enjured or died.

Malawi government last week on 12 February through the president ordered that the ministry of education to be given about 5 Billions Malawi Kwacha which is about 8Millions US dollars to help in preventing Convid-19 in Schools.


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