Malawi on it's size as per a certain District called Dowa, a day does not pass without hearing either good or bad news in the area.

Today, Wednesday 31 March in the early morning hours the Police in Dowa District received a complaint from a Bottle store owner about theft that took place at his store.

Brief facts state that it was on Sunday night when people go to the bottle store as usual to drink beer at a certain Bar at Mponela Trading center.

Deputy Spokesman for Mponela Police Macpatson Msadala confined the incident.

The Worker, Brino Banda served the people 30 bottle of water in a glass beer bottles. Since the People were drunk lucky enough another sober beer taker came at the place and it's the one who discovered that it was not beer but just mere Water.

When Brino who is 22 years heard that his plan is discovered he stole one matress from the Bar worth MK126,000 which is about $165 then he ran away.

When the case was reported at the Police, the office did it's work and arrested the culprit and is yet to appear before the court of law soon.

Brino Banda comes from Misiyasi village, Traditional Authority Nthondo in Ntchisi District.

Mponela is  a busy area where scandalous behaviors are experienced much.

Last month, two boys were also arrested in the area because they were selling Dog meet.