It is reported that in Zambia now Chinese Nationals are taking over almost all types of businesses in the cities and towns of the country.

They dealing with Minings, Shopping Malls and Factories where the Zambians are turning into employees.

It was two days ago when a certain Chinese Business Owner who is doing business in the city of Lusaka was seen being driven on a Trolley meaning he can not walk. The Zambian employee was the one busy pulling him.

Some concerned citizens saw the incident whilst on the other way the Immigration Officers were also on their normal duties.

The Officers ordered the Chinese Businessman and later arrested him where he was talen to be interrogated on why he is abusing his employees.

The matter was later reported to the Ministry of Labour and The Principal Secretary for the Ministry Mr Chanda Laziya welcomed the matter.

"I will make sure we get to the bottom of this matter and I have ordered the Commissioner of Labour to investigate the whole issue and if the Chinese is found guilty will face deportation", said Kaziya.

Currently the Chinese man is granted Bail waiting to hear his charges at the Court.

Zambians are in the campaign period where they will be Voting this year for the President, Members of Parliament and the Counsellors.