Covid-19 Table showing the Current situation
 in Malawi

As per every country, Malawi is always giving reports on how Covid-19 is like in the country.

On yesterday's reported it showed the number of positive results getting lower.

The Task Force on Covid-19 through the Minister of Health Khumbize Chiponda said answered to some queries in regards to vaccine.

" Every vaccine has side effects soon after it e administered so I don't see any problem on that and we shall continue monitoring the situation", said the Chiponda, the Minister of Health during her presentation yesterday.

Malawi is administering the vaccination and it was launched by the President and the vice president in Zomba Malawi's old capital city and Mzuzu a city in the northern part of the country respectively.

Country Covid-19 cases are getting lowered though past two weeks have killed over 1,200. This is a bigger number compared to the population of the country in general.