It was in 2017 when the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) bought a Maserati Worth $125,000 as a birthday gift.

When it was around 1130 am today 29 March, 2021 announced the death of the loved daughter through his Prophetic Channel in Lilongwe.

The passing of daughter Israella who was flown to Kenya three weeks ago for urgent medical has left many lives in puzzle as they claim she was a daughter with more talents.

Before flying to Kenya the daughter was blocked at the Kamuzu International Airport in the city of Lilongwe Malawi by the security authorities as the father is answering fruad charges in South Africa.

Israella has died in the time her parents are facing extraditions trials in Malawi so that they can be sent back to South Africa to continue hearing their cases.

They came back to Malawi after defying Court Bail conditions set by the South African court.

The daughter died at the age of 9 and the burial ceremony is yet to be announced later. His father also made announcement that the death will be mourned for three days by the church world.

The church has branches in Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Sudan, USA, and several other countries.