Life is really a precious gift as many do not wish to hear the stories of deaths worldwide.

In early years of the Earth's creation people were living about 1000 years in life before they died. But in today's life most people are living below 70 years old.

Today our Reporter brought to you his summary of important five facts that can help you live longer than you think.

The first reason and major one is "not joining Politics". In Politics there are many stresses that someone can easily avoid. You talk too much, you think too much, and you don't relax or sleep too much. This causes your body skin to shrink and deteriorated and you die quickly than your time.

Secondly, we look at the love of excessive beer drinking. Alcohol to some they say it's good you forget problems but it's a lie because once the beer expires in your body the problems resurfaces. Make proper decisions to avoid problems. Most beers kill your body cells and making you die fast than expected.

The other reason is love eating too much fats. Fats are very good to our health but not in excessive amount because will turn against us and cause several diseases like Heart Attack, Cardiac arrest,Blood pressure and even diabetes. Let's avoid eating too much Pizzas, Chips, Hotdogs, Yoghurt, Cheese, and even beef.

The fourth reasons that make live longer is that avoiding shortcuts in life. Get satisfied with what you have and avoid behaviors of taking things illegally like stealing. Most people have been killed and burned after been caught stealing in different places and countries.

The fifth and the last one on my list is love of God. The word of God gives hope and helps us to live with a patience life. In whatever we do, everything is done by faith and trust. Do not hurry because you will be rushed to graveyard. Exercise love and honesty life. You enjoy today you die quickly.

Lastly it is very important to observe these reasons and also I know there are many of them and you can add some so that all should be well with us all.