Today in this Magazine we thought just to present to you only five reasons why boys look older than they are. There several reasons that might cause but we only selected five of them.

The first reason is the negligence of the parents. Parents thus Father and Mother. The children are born in their hands so as soon as the parents are forgetting their responsibility of looking after their babies they grow with cultures that lack values of self care upon themselves.

Secondly it is about Poverty Levels in the society. Some or most youths fail to look after themselves making them looking older than their ages because of poverty. Like for instance you find in the villages people spend much of their time chatting and playing ordinary games like Bawo. At the end of the day they have nothing to buy a tablet of soap to keep themselves clean.

The other one is about Copying bad cultures from peers. There are bad behaviors like wearing bigger clothes more than their body sizes. 

Abuse of Drugs is another main challenge in the society making our youths look badly. For example boys believe in smoking Weed/Indian Hemp "Chamba" which reduces their thinking capabilities ending up forgetting about their own well-being. 

Other boys due to other unreasonable thoughts or ideas they tend to take beers excessively claiming that they want to forget their problems.

The last fifth reason is about Keeping beards without proper care. Most boys now are keeping long beards on them claiming they want to be respected. 

The boys forget that some keep beards for religious reasons or cultural practices. They keep beards and not even shave them to look smart ending up looking more than their parents.

In this short article, we were just sharing some five selected reasons that make the boys look older than they are.

 In our societies we have a lot of them and as parents let's help them in one way or the other.