It is like a dark cloud covering on the road whilst you are driving with hopeless in a direction you do not know.

It was in the month of December when people cried when fuel pump prices rose and there demostrations in the country from almost all the sectors of life. The last year fuel hiking led to protests by minibus drivers who argued that the fuel price hike coupled with the limit on number of passengers was affecting their business.

According to MERA, Petrol has increased from K834.60 to K899.20 representing 7.74%, Diesel from K826.40 to K898.00 representing 8.66 % and Paraffin from K613.20 to K719.60 representing 17.5%.

The price of Gas has also been increased from K1, 880 per Kilogramme to K1,880 to K1,952 representing 3.83%. MERA spokesperson, Fitina Khonje, said the new prices are due to a rise in prices on the international market and the depreciation of the Malawi Kwacha.

Now the country is turning into demostrations ground as Sex workers Association, Teachers, and people demostrating for various reasons.