Our reporter decided to write a lot of his views on the prevention of Covid-19 Pandemic.

There are many ways already being followed but one major problem stays within us and this is a mobile phone.

When I was searching in the atmosphere about Covid-19. 

There is one problem which is spreading the Covid-19 in Malawi and beyond and this is "Mobile phone".

MOBILE PHONE is something highly touched than anything else in the world.

This handset people do share a lot when someone does not have Airtime or maybe wants to watch movies or even on the Social Media chats.

You also share phone chargers and headsets as most phone batteries nowadays are not staying long with power.

I doubt if health workers in our hospitals are following Mobile phone health procedures. 

Please remember out of 24 hrs a day I have observed that phone is usually touched about 16hours on average than anything else in the world. This was research by Colombia University and the rate of how many times people do touch their phones on daily basis.

Prevention is better than cure as this pandemic is still killing many lives African News Magazine thought to share it's part in the process of defeating the Pandemic.