Mr Ollen Mwalubunju
National Chief Executive Officer
National Initiative for Civic Education

As the number of Confirmed cases of Covid-19 is still constant mlst Local and International Non-governmental Organizations have taken a step a head as most truths about Covid-19 pandemic are being twisted and not taken seriously.

Some of these are CFAO Malawi a company that deals in motor vehicle selling and maintenance in Malawi had last week a social education meeting in Phalombe with the communities sensitizing on more of Covid-19 disease.

Another one is National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) an Organization which is aimed at civic educating people on various issues in Malawi.

The NICE says, it has embarked on a campaign sensitizing people of various sectors on the misconceptions and myths that are being scattered across the country.

NICE organization through its Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ollen Mwalubunju spoke on 4 March, 2021 Thursday during the time the Malawi Government through Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 brings daily updates on Covid-19 pandemic for the day.

"We have arranged mass sensitization campaign throughout the country on a lot issues where people are misunderstanding the virus", said Mwalubunju.

The Executive Officer also expressed a concern over the Covid-19 pandemic measures being contravened by well educated people which is resulting in deaths of most valuable people in the country.

Mwalubunju also said that they have targeted local, Radio Stations, Televisions and Newspapers including posters that will help in educating the masses in the country.

As of date, Malawi has registered about 1058 deaths due to Covid-19 pandemic, 32,250 confirmed cases, and two deaths yesterday including a total of 378 recoveries for yesterday alone.

Malawi is a country with about 20, Millions people and so far there are about 200, 000 tests that have been done since the first case of Covid-19 reported in the country on 2 February, 2020.