The Late Great President John Pombe Magufuli
The Republic of Tanzania

The  reports we have found bare that the Late President John Pombe Magufuli got sick whilst at his house as he just collapsed.

Later, he was taken to the Darsalam Hospital where he started getting his treatment. The doctors announced that the president was sick due to cardiac arrest.

He spent over two days whilst unconscious an he was taken to Kenyan hospital in Nairobi. 

He has been announced dead by his vice president Mr Samia Suluhu yesterday night.

Magufuli was a Medical Doctor by professional and he was a head of Sciences at the University of Darsalam before becoming the president.

Magufuli before was also a man who worked on facts as he never accepted to purchase Covid-19 vaccine and instead he insisted on his Medical Doctors to produce their own vaccines.

Tanzania has lost the great Leader as he managed to control the economy and transformed the country than before in a short period of time.

In terms of security the country was stable and people were living in peaceful environment compared to former Leaders.


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