Deceased Chisomo Maulidi

 It was on March 3, 2021 around 1100hrs when the well wishers found a man hanging in a tree but already dead.

They then reported to Limbe Police Station where they later visited the scene of occurrence.

It was later discovered that the man died was called Mr Chisomo Maulidi, aged 30 who was working at Limbe Police Station as a Police Officer in the Southern Region of Malawi in Blantyre District.

The dead body was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre where the medical practitioners announced that he died due to Hypoxia which is insufficient oxygen.

Currently the Investigations are under-way to find out the cause of his action because he did not leave any letter or information of about his conduct.

So far, the Officer In-Charge responsible for Community Policing at the said station advised everyone that suicide is not a solution to daily problems but people should learn to share with others about their grievances or report to relevant authorities like at Police Stations or Social welfares or humanity organizations.

Chisomo Maulidi was coming from Chiradzulo District in the Southern part of Malawi.