It was a year of happy moments to Rachel Idah who just finished her final exams at the University of Polytechnic a constituent college of University of Malawi.

Rachael grew up with a hear of anger as she saw many people were crying due to lack of job opportunities in the country.

At most times she heard people holding demostrations in the streets for companies and government to raise their salaries.

The Girl was having bigger dreams than her size as she managed to save money whilst learning at the said University.

She said to herself that she will not bother to search for any job but instead will just venture into Entrepreneurship in order to provide a room for others to secure jobs in her Business.

After she finished her Exams in Blantyre she immigrated to the City of Lilongwe where she opened a small restaurant in the a small town called "Kauma".

Later, after perseverance, she gained a momentum where she opened another big Restaurant in the same city but now in the City Center called "Area 13 Market". She named the restaurant "Kwacha Restaurant".

Now, she has all hopes that her dreams will come true very soon. She believes in herself that the sky is the limit.

Rachael did not bother to search for a job after competition of her first degree from the reputable University of Polytechnic in Malawi.

She sets a very examplary life to many youths that degree is their to put knowledge to people to help them in new Endeavors not only waiting for jobs as this is increasing poverty and also hatred life in the society.