Major 1 pausing with His Daughter
Isrealla in 2018

Most people and church members across the world have gathered at the Kamuzu International Airport where they expecting to receive the remains of daughter of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri popularly known as Major 1.

Daughter died on 28 March in Kenya where she was receiving her treatment. Israella was having a lung disease which has been affecting her since her childhood.

The Air Ambulance flying the body will land at around 1400 hrs at the said Airport.

Yesterday, the family members announced that after receiving the body they will have made prayers at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe and burial to be held in Ntcheu District on Thursday.

The father of the baby Major 1 announced that they are not mourning her death but celebrating as they have belief that their daughter is not dead but just slept as it said in the Bible.