As the teachers are still crying whilst on seat-in for the Covid-19 allowances the Government has announced that the Covid-19 vaccination will first be given to them.

"The vaccine is now in the country which is about 30,000 in total and the government has to roll out it and the teachers are the first target to benefit this vaccine as they are exposed much to our pupils." Said Honourable Gospel Kazako who is a Minister of Information in Malawi.

Kazako continued saying the government is fully aware of their grevances about Covid-19 allowances and it is working on the possible ways to end the situation.

In his response the President of Teacher's Union of Malawi (TUM) Mr Malimba said he will only comment positively to the said development of vaccination when the government hear them out about their raised issues of Covid-19 allowances.

The Teachers are holding a seat-in and not teaching since Monday last week when the Government announced the re-opening of schools.

On the other side the students are much angry about the situation as it was witnessed by our Journalist in the city of Lilongwe, Malawi at Area 24 Ngwenya Primary school Monday this week when the learners started stoning their teachers for not getting into classes.

The TUM Association has continued saying that until their prayers are heard or else they will not touch chalk again.

Some Concerned quotas, have since condemned the behaviors the teachers are portraying saying they are planting a bad apple into the learners as they could have working and be claiming their demands in due course.

The Government, through Presidential Task Force responsible for Covid-19 issues have clearly told the Teachers that there are no allowances for them and it's not possible to get such moneys for them all as they are over 100, 000 teachers across the country.

The Minister of Health Mrs Khumbize Chiponda continued saying if we can give teachers the said allowances it will turn into Billions of Moneys that the country can not manage to fund.

So far, the government is till quiet on what ways will be followed in days to come in order for the teachers to get back to work.

Learners in Government and Private Schools have not been able to learn effectively since last year February, 2020 when the first case of Corona Virus was announced in Malawi.

Currently about 2, 000 people have died, 15, 000 people still in hospitals, and a total of about 31, 000 positive cases. Malawi has conducted about 198,000 tests update.