It was so pathetic as people were worried much about Covid-19 but only to suffer much as well their girls.

The African News Magazine expressed concerns over a report on the most challenges our children suffered during the lockdowns in several African countries.

The United Nations asked on all African countries to find a way to open schools safely, warning that children are at increased risk of violence, sexual abuse, poor nutrition, if they don’t return to school quickly.

Out of 39 surveyed African countries, the World Health Organisation found that schools are only fully open in six. About 12 more plan to begin again next month, though Kenya has shut classrooms until 2021. Online classes are almost impossible for the vast majority of African children, because of problems accessing the internet.

“We must not be blindsided by our efforts to contain Covid-19 and end up with a lost generation. Just as countries are opening businesses safely, we can reopen schools,” Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO regional director for Africa, said in a press conference in December, 2020.

In Uganda alone, 15 million children have been out of school since March, and social workers have reported a steep rise in reported child abuse cases during that period.

“I am very much concerned with kids being out of school, particularly as government social workers are reporting increased rates of teenage pregnancy, child neglect, and abuse,” said Michelle Elle, Uganda director of the 4Children project at Catholic Relief Services.

In Malawi, in Chikwawa district found in Southern part of the country reported in the month of August that 768 girls fell out of school as they were reported had pregnants whilst about 1,200 other girls got married prematurely.

African News Magazine has recommended that it is necessary for the government to re-open schools in it's full operation in order to shape good citizens for the better future of our countries.