Police in Lilongwe Malawi are busy searching for culprits who have involved themselves in killing a boy who was found stealing a chicken in Kalumbu area.

The suspect and victim Mr Nyamazawo Kanono, aged 26 years who hailed from Kalumbu Village, Traditional Authority Kalumbu in Lilongwe District.

The statement released by the Nathenje Police says it was during the night of 26 to 27 March, 2021 at about 01:00 am when the owner heard the chickens were making too much noise than as usual.

 The man sneaked out only to find the boy running away with one chicken in his hands.

The victim shouted out and many of his fellow villagers came out and managed to catch the boy.

After the legal arrest they decided to take home to the Village Community polic office called "Village Watch".

On their way other angry people started stoning him until he died. Police rushed to the scene and took him to Nathenje Health Center.

Medical examination report stated that the victim died due to severe injuries in the head and loss of blood.

So far Police has launched a man haunt to arrest the proprietors to face the law.

Police has since advised the community and General public that they should desist from taking the laws into their own hands instead when there are issues they should report them to Police.

Currently no person has been arrested on the matter.