Grace Njaya Deceased

The cases of murder and suicide are very common in almost worldwide in today's life.

Most people are taking their lives for various reasons and some of them being Poverty, Love, Debts, and immature characters in youths across the globe.

Since January 2021 over 50 boys and girls have been reported to have taken their own lives due to love issues in Malawi.

It was last Sunday on 4 April, 2021 at about early hours when it was reported that another girl killed herself by taking poison.

Grace Njaya who was around 26 years of age made a decision not killing herself by poisoning after her love affair got sour with Collins Nsuza a boyfriend.

Brief facts State that the two have been in a love relationship for some years untill this year when the girl told the husband to be that she had missed her two menstrual cycle and she had tested positive for pregnancy.

Grace and Collins during their happy moments

After the man heard the news, he rebuffed the girl that the pregnancy was not his but maybe the girl was cheating on him.

This time Grace was left hopeless and did not wish to mysteries from her friends and resolved to take poison.

Grace Njaya was coming from Chimwankhunda Township in the Commercial city of Blantyre in Malawi and whilst Collins Nsuza also came from the same city.

The boyfriend is a one of the growing Journalists at Mibawa Television Station in the same City.

African News Magazine is advising all the youths and even the elderly that killing yourself is not a solution but when things are bad give sometimes to calm down and never make decisions whilst angry.