Traditional Beer Factory in Africa

Beer is taken as a tool to may people across the universe where they claim that they forget about their after consuming it.

In today's world there are various beers that have been developed. Others are getting sick with it or others are even dying.

It was on 16 April 2021 when people found one man dead in his house in Salima District in Malawi.

The man is identified as Mr Steven Katema, aged 70 years, who came from Saidi Village, Traditional Authority Ndindi in Salima District.

Salima Police Station confirmed of the incident through their spokesman Jocob Khembo yesterday afternoon.

Brief facts state that the Deseceased Mr Katema was drinking traditional brewed beer (Spirits) together with his nephew until ten pm when the nephew gave up and went to sleep.

Katema continued taking that unmeasured beers till the time he was found dead in his house in the following morning.

Later, he was taken to the hospital where the confirmation about the death was made.

The Medical report indicated that the death occurred due to excessive beer drinking without eating anything.

The Police has since advised the people to avoid taking beer without hungry and avoid over taking over the same.