Mr David Misime (SACP)
National Spokesman of Tanzania Police

The world is shaken searching and looking for God's face from Friday to Sunday.

Easter period is a time when people reconcile their relationships with their God and commemorating the death of Jesus Christ.

This is a different case with Tanzania government as it announced on 2 April, 2021 that the country and it's citizens will not be celebrating the Easter as it it is always happen every year.

The announcement was made by the National Spokesman for Tanzanian Police Mr David Misime in the city of Darsalam.

" As the country we are still mourning our leader and president who died on 17 March and the mourning will end on 7 April marking 21 days mourning period", said Misime in his statement.

He continued saying that the masses and all Christian gatherings will be conducted but not as it is usually done. 

Most people on period like this they throw parties, sharing food and performing dances but those things will be missed this year.