Dr Lazarus M Chakwera
President of Republic of Malawi

 It was in 2018 when the most International organizations seized to provide support in monetory form in Malawi due to unstable government system.

This month of April has started with more promising to the Malawians as they will witness most projects to be continued.

The World Bank representative in Malawi announced that their institution has granted Malawian Government money amounting to $100 Millions which about 75 Billions in the local currency Kwacha.

This was announced in Dedza District where it was witnessed by many stake holders from Government and Private sectors.

One of the people present at the function was the  Deputy Director in the ministry of Local Government.

In his speech the director said the money is meant for all the projects which were abandoned and those also being carried out.

The granted funds will be distributed to all Local District Assemblies across the country in this month of April.