Ishah Senga a distinction student who has has died in
road accident after one day from her graduation

It was on 17 May, 2019 when the Malawian President was installed as the News University Chancellor of Malawi University of Science and Technology in Thyolo Malawi.

The installation ceremony was held when the university was holding it's graduation ceremony for the finale of various faculties.

On this beautiful day there was only one student who managed to scope a distinction.

Here name was Ishah Senga who was from Chiradzulo District a place found in the Southern Region of Malawi.

It was a shocking and distressful news when it was around 1830 yesterday hours when it was announced that the fresh graduate was involved in a road accident and pronounced dead upon arrival at the Ntcheu District hospital in the country.

Brief facts state that the girl was traveling from direction of Blantyre to Lilongwe and and was traveling in Toyota Alteza a which was driven by another person in their journey.

When they reached at a certain place called Bawi the driver failed to negotiate a sharp curve which resulted for him to fail to control the vehicle and it landed into the drain where the car overturned many times.

The car had five people and two died upon arrival at the hospital and the three are being treated at the same hospital in Ntcheu District.

Ishah senga was 26 years old when she did her graduation on 17 May at the University of Science and Technology in Malawi.

The burial ceremony will take place in her home village in Chiradzulo District in Southern Region part of Malawi.

Police has since warned and advised all the drivers to observe the speed limits across the country and also to be of sober mind to avoid such avoidable road accidents when driving.