In our previous article dated 5 May, 2021 we reported that the Sheriff's were on the the neck of the Malawi Former President Professor Peter Mutharika for not honoring the court judgement.

The president was in the state of loosing his assets for the value of about Mk22,000,000. (approximately$27,000 that he was supposed to pay court for charges that were met during Court processions.

Finally thee honourable man never want to get embarrassed and he has finally paid the money settling the whole balance of about Mk69,000,000 valued at $79,000.

Peter Mutharika
smiles at last

In his statement Peter Mutharika said he sees nothing why the people are after him after all he did his part and he surely knows all these persecutions are due to Politics.

In the judgement he was faulted together with his former Chief Secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet Justice Loyd Muhara. Who together were accused of abusing powers of Office.

Peter Mutharika lost elections last year at the age of 81 years and is currently not indicated whether he has completely retire from Politics or not.

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