Some people captured
 in Blantyre City, Malawi

Malawi firstly received almost 360,000 vaccines of which some was thrown and destroyed after it was reported that got expired.

Malawi received it's second Covid-19 consignment for vaccine on 25 July, 2021 through Kamuzu International Airport which has seen many flocking to the queues in order to get their jabs.

When interviewed some people they said they are told that the person with the vaccine is not getting the pandemic.

Our journalist approached one health experts to verify whether the information was right or just misconception.

The spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre refuted the information saying it's bogus but it helps the person to have enough defense even when the pandemic is contracted.

He also continued saying that everyone can still get the pandemic but the only difference is that the one who got jabs with have more security within their bodies.

Malawi government has recently received 100 Million Pounds which is close to 100 Billions in their local currency of kwacha.

According to the European union community, the money is meant to help combat the pandemic in various ways despite there rumours that most of the money goes into the pockets in the name of allowances compared to the initial purpose of it.

Reported by Esau Amosi for African News Magazine, Blantyre