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Dairy Farming

In the world we only have few individuals who are very rich and rest sleep in poverty levels.

African News Magazine thought to share few ways that we discovered that can be of beneficial to many who are living in Southern Africa Development Community Region (SADC) or are planning to stay in this Region.

To make investment and become successful is not simple at all but these ways are proved to be the best in this Region.

The first step for every success is Education. Education helps to impart everyone with best knowledge of understanding and on how to carry out all possible projects in life.

The main activity is Crop Farming. The region is full of  fertile soils that fit to grow crops on it. The most proftable crops grown are Groundnuts, Maize, Cassava, Sugarcanes, Apples, Oranges, Pawpaws, Cotton, Rice and many others.

Most African countries depend on food supplied from Southern Africa Region. Even India export much of Groundnuts and bring back to Africa processed Peanut butter.

The other way of life is Animal Farming. This is most productive and easy to carry out. Does not require much capital. For example one Dairy Cow can cost about $400 and it produced 30 litres of milk everyday meaning it gives back $16 everyday.

Most Beef ate in various countries in Africa and beyond is made from SADC.

Estate Agency is another best Business you can carry out. Most land is empty. Most rich people you know in the world are known to invest in Real estate. The land is affordable to buy and some people build and resale their buildings and make a living.

The last on our list is joining cooperative Organizations. Almost everywhere now people in villages, towns and cities are heard to be joining or forming clubs. These clubs people contribute money and give to one person for a month without interests and later goes to the next person untill all are done. 

Many people have started Businesses through this way of contributing and sharing and improve their living standards.

In unity there is power it is the language used in Cooperative societies.